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It’s been awhile since my last posting. No really excuse other than not getting my butt in gear and getting it done.

I have a great striking video for you today, but first let’s talk about motivation.

As a martial arts practitioner of almost 20 years and an instructor of +10 years I have seen many people come and go in martial arts and have hear many different excuses. Hell I have even used some of those excuses myself.

I’ll let you into a little secret… I wasn’t always the best student. There are many times I would get home from work and just not feel like going to class, so I didn’t. I’m sure some of you can relate. The funny thing is that 90% of the time I felt guilty about not going and truly regretted my decision to stay at home. The other 10% of the time I really did need the time off.

What keeps you away from training?

  • Job
  • Family
  • Other hobbies
  • Lethargy
  • Injury
  • Training times doing work for you

These are all very good and legitimate excuses. Sometimes life does get in the way.

BUT… guess what, these ARE just excuses!

Site down and think about it, what is really keeping you away from training. You are! Now don’t get me wrong sometimes live really does get in the way but most of the time the excuses are just that… excuses. I know I’ve been there and used these excuses. Why do we make excuses? Justification! I makes out time away feel legitimate.

Almost anything can be worked around if you work hard enough and make training a priority. No one can do this for you, you need to do this for yourself.

Stop making excuses NOT to and start making excuses TO do!

Here is a great striking sequence where we clear and trap the defender’s arm, strike, clinch and take their balance and finish with a takedown/throw. The arm clear/trap and strike combination is extremely quick and powerful! Have a look, try it next class and work some variations that work best for you.

==>Trap arm, strike and throw combination<==

As always is you are looking for more great videos or to learn the wonderful art of jiu-jitsu please check out our web site at www.learn-jiu-jitsu-online.com. There you will our distance education program so you can learn jiu-jitsu anywhere at your own pace.

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