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Sorry I’m a little late getting today’s blog out.

Today let’s focus on a little ground self-defence. We have had discussions before on the difference between sport grappling and self-defence so I won’t go into again here.

No matter what style of martial art you study you should have some basic idea of what to do if you get taken to the ground. Now standing back and saying “Well I just wouldn’t let them get that close to me to be able to take me to the ground.” Just isn’t realistic. Even IF you were a master at keeping your distance and keeping all attackers at bay wouldn’t you still want to be able to handle yourself on the ground in case s*&t happened?

Have a look at these videos which will give you a few idea of what you can do if you find yourself in

the bottom of somebody’s scarfhold.

Escaping the Scarfhold

When practicing these types of ground self-defence remember that your attacker is likely mad at you and that works in our favour. The angrier they are then the less tactile they are likely to be. This makes our defences work better and allows us to use their aggressiveness against them.

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