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I’m just recently back (October 20, 2014) from an amazing week in Barcelona Spain where I attended the World Elite Black Belt Society (WEBBS) World Congress. In fact I was lucky enough to be included as one of the instructors!

I was a great weekend and very tiring, with over 15 hours of seminars over the three days. A personal highlight was when I was awarded my 4th Dan (Yondan) in Jukoshin Ryu jiu-jitsu.

As I’m still a little jet legged as I am sitting here writing this, I’m going to keep it easy and show you a video of a ground self-defence technique from the bottom of guard.

In grappling the guard is considered a neutral position but often the person on the bottom has far more option that the person on top. In a fight the person on the bottom is in the bad passion. They cannot get mush power behind their punches, much of their body is exposed to being hit. It’s just not a good spot to be in.

The following video show you one possible option for defending yourself when your back is on the ground.

==>Bottom of Guard Defence<==

There are a couple of other options that we will explore later.

I hope to have some videos and photos for you from the Barcelona WEBBS World Congress next week.

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