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Today let’s look at another way of responding to the front choke. The technique I show in the video below could be do against a choke, a lapel grab or even against a punch.

==>Palm to chin with head turn takedown<==

The palm strike to the chin is a very effective strike. It forces the attackers head back, breaks their balance and stuns them for a second or two. If done right this type of strike can often be a fight ender.

After the block / chin strike you’re in perfect position for the head turn takedown. This is a very simple and effective takedown. A couple of points to ensure that is works even better for you:

  • Don’t just grab the back of their head, strike it!
  • Don’t just use your arms, use your whole body. Remember they may be hurt but your attacker will almost always be bigger and stronger then you are.
  • Pivot your body as your turn their head. When you’re finished they should be laying on the ground where you were just standing.

Next week we will look at a couple of possible throw options from this position.

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