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Last time we took a look at a front scissor throw from the front choke, walk past defence. This time we are going to look at another throw. This throw is what most people will think of when talking of a Judo throw, the shoulder or ippon seoi nage throw.

==>Shoulder Throw<==

We start the walk by escape from the front choke just as we did with the other techniques but this time instead of stepping past them we each up and grab there are and turn into the shoulder throw. The type of throw is particularly effective is your attacker is pushing against you trying to drive you backwards. He will walk right into the throw.

Remember when doing a shoulder throw you want to pinch their arm between your shoulder and your forearm, don’t bring their arm onto your shoulder next to your head. It makes it much easier to counter your throw.

Next week we will take a look a stances.

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