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The name of my club is Koketsu Kai – Tiger’s Den Jiu-jitsu and Grappling so I’m obviously not against grappling.

Take a look at this video from our jiu-jitsu distance education program.

==> Grappling Chain 3 Video<==

I AM however against the mindset of take him to the ground and submit him as a form of self-defence. Let’s be clear, sport grappling is NOT self-defence. There are a lot of techniques for sport grappling that can be used in a self-defence situation but the mind set or methodology can be very different. There are things that you do in sport grappling that will get you hurt in a fight and things you would do in a fight that will get you taped out in a grappling match.

Sport grappling is, however, a great training tool. It allows you to perfect your timing and leverage. It also allows you to practice your techniques against an opponent’s full, size, weight and strength, giving you powerful insights on how to do a technique against a resisting opponent.

==> Grappling Chain 3 Video<==

All of this is only useful IF you understand the difference between sport and self-defence.


Jamie Rickard (Sensei)

Head Instructor
Koketsu Kai – Tiger’s Den Jiu-jitsu and Grappling
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