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There is no doubt that falling hurts, the pavement is hard and unforgiving.

NOW imagine being picked up or having your feet swept out from under you and accelerated towards the ground. A well-executed throw on a hard surface is a fight ender for sure. 

Have a look as the video below which shows one of the first throws you learn in our jiu-jitsu distance education program.

==>OutsideHock or Osotogari throw Video<==

Now throws are certainly harder to learn and execute if a fight than simply punching the attacker. They must be learned to the smallest detail and practiced repeatedly to be performed properly BUT if done properly they are a fight ending technique like no other. 

Your punch may be good, your kick may be powerful, but neither will come close to the impact forces generated from a throw.

==>OutsideHock or Osotogari throw Video<==

 The outside hock or osotogari throw may not be the most powerful but it is probably one of the best throws for self-defence. 

This is just one of many throws we have in our syllabus.


Jamie Rickard (Sensei)

Head Instructor

Koketsu Kai – Tiger’s Den Jiu-jitsu and Grappling



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