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Ok, you really shouldn’t let them grab you but if they do they will regret it. 

Check out this video from our jiu-jitsu distance education program on defending the lapel on collar grab.

==>Defending the lapel or collar grab Video<==

Many people fear getting grabbed or held (and I don’t mean in the fun way). The funny thing is when somebody grabs you it in many ways makes defending yourself easer. If this doesn’t make sense let me explain. Before somebody grabs you, you have no idea what they are about to do. They could punch. They could kick, they could grab you or many, many other options; BUT once they have grabbed arm, wrist, hair, lapel, etc. you know:

  • One or both of their hands is tied up in the grab.
  • Their distance from you.
  • Their body position relative to your.
  • Their likely follow-ups after the grab based on their position.

Even better than all the above is that by grabbing you they have reduced your focus to just the techniques related to that particular grab or hold. Without having to worry about all the possible attack options they have unwittingly made your job of defending yourself far easier.

==>Defending the lapel or collar grab Video<==

The video above is just one many responses to a lapel grab. With enough training you can defend yourself from almost any grab of hold situation. A well train jiu-jitsu practitioner doesn’t fear the grab, they say thank you!


Jamie Rickard (Sensei)

Head Instructor

Koketsu Kai – Tiger’s Den Jiu-jitsu and Grappling



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